2015-2017 Royal College of Art, MA Ceramics & Glass, London

2010-2015 Gerrit Rietveld Academie, BA Fine Art (glass), Amsterdam



Over the last years I have focused on the extraordinary complexity and beauty of science.
The phenomena of light, gravity and microscopic cellular structures can be more fully understood and revealed, using scientific methods. These then have the potential of contributing to new knowledge.
The scientific perspective and approach makes me curious, why some topics remain questions and others get relatively quickly answered.
I have translated these explorations and questions into sculptures.
In my sculptures the inside of the glass spheres turns inwards, pushing into it’s own void. The space around the spheres is configured to appear to blend at intersecting corners, where the materials merge and coexist. The sculptures explore the space they occupy and the context in which they are positioned.
I expose what is normally out of sight. Using cross- sections, magnification and transparency the objects show which is hidden and literally below the surface, creating new vantage points and conceptual understandings of how we understand the material world.